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Helping employees develop valuable skills through immersive VR experiences

Discover how Saint-Gobain is expanding its digital training catalog by creating immersive learning experiences delivered through virtual reality (VR) headsets.
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Digital transformation of your training: How to leverage AI and VR?

edtake and Uptale are combining their expertise in artificial intelligence (AI) and immersive technology (VR) to demonstrate how they have become essential for learning.
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Practical Guide: Successfully deploy VR in Education

Virtual reality is revolutionizing training by enabling the creation of truly innovative learning experiences. How can we make the right choices, and what are the best practices for deploying it successfully?
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Train and Assess in Virtual Reality

In this white paper, discover how to create and evaluate the learning effectiveness of your immersive modules.
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6 Top Success Stories for VR training (ROI)

We have selected for you the best Uptale use cases with concrete ROI.
Discover how Virtual Reality can improve the effectiveness of your training programs and meet your L&D challenges.
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Transforming training and patient care in the healthcare sector with immersive technologies

Find out from Uptale and the medical department of the University of Versailles (UVSQ) how to harness the power of immersive technologies such as virtual reality for the healthcare sector.

Keynote: The Future of Immersive Learning is Now

Uptale unveils its Spatial Learning platform with exclusive XR features that will revolutionize corporate training:
➡ Immersive, spatial group session
➡ 3D depth in 360° images
➡ Space experiments using mixed reality
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Improving training and recruitment in the pharmaceutical industry thanks to VR

LFB BIOMÉDICAMENTS shares with us how Virtual Reality integrates and transforms their training path by creating engaging, effective and cost-effective training tailored to their needs on Uptale.
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From Excel to Virtual – Digitize 150 workstation training with Uptale: The Stellantis Challenge

With ambitious industrial objectives (0 defects and production costs divided by 2), the Stellantis teams were able to transform their traditional theoretical training courses into an immersive experience thanks to Uptale.
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How EPC Group successfully internationalized its VR deployment with Uptale

Find out how EPC Groupe is rolling out its immersive training modules worldwide to all employees and trades.
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Promoting Active Learning with Virtual Reality

The Université Paris Saclay et de Franche-Comté and Stellantis will present how Immersive Learning helps to increase student engagement and facilitates access to diverse field situations.
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Divide your safety induction time by 8 thanks to Virtual Reality: testimonials from Alstom & Air Liquide

Find out how teams from Alstom and Air Liquide have integrated Virtual Reality into their safety reception areas.
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Post COVID-19: Immersive Learning at the heart of digital strategies

At a time of extreme polarization of the job market - some even speak of uberization - it is more than ever a time to rethink our training models. COVID-19 and technological developments are forcing us to do so. Let’s turn it into an opportunity.
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What strategy have Fnac-Darty and Schneider Electric decided to adopt when it comes to integrating VR into their training courses?

In this webinar, Fnac-Darty and Schneider Electric explain how they have built a strategy to successfully integrate Virtual Reality into their training courses?
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What is the process for creating VR training at Korian and Michelin?

Teams from Korian and Michelin explain how they use the Uptale platform to create their own training modules.
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How are Saint-Gobain and Allianz France approaching the deployment of the Uptale VR solution?

Teams from Saint-Gobain Distribution Bâtiment France and Allianz France explain how they deployed their training courses with Uptale.
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Why does CEA believe performance analysis is crucial?

In this webinar, CEA teams explain the benefits of performance analysis in their training courses.
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