Enterprise Education

Immersive learning in the Medical and Healthcare sector

Train medical or pharma staff on skills and know-how with VR


Follow complex procedures and repeat them thanks to VR, immerse yourself in an operating block, learn the right gestures and reflexes to adopt, discover complex machines, follow a cleaning protocol...


Facing a patient and defining the right diagnosis

Soft Skills

Improving personal services through immersion, living in a patient's skin, interacting verbally thanks to voice recognition, active listening...

+10 operational training courses created in just 9 months

“In a virtual environment, the learner can practice almost unlimitedly, experiencing the consequences of his or her mistakes, and this helps to anchor knowledge more firmly.
We can both raise his risks awareness and safety at his workstation, and train him in the manufacturing process”.

— Learning & Development Project Manager chez LFB BIOMÉDICAMENTS

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