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Why digitize and secure know-how?

An organization’s know-how is to be found in the field and in the people who work there, acquired by practicing on the shop floor.

An operating procedure on paper or in an Excel file is no way of preserving or passing on know-how. It’s not just about processes and work routines, but about all the experience in the field and on the shop floor, good and bad practices, tips and tricks… to carry out operations in line with your quality, safety, efficiency and standards requirements.

No mitigation has been put in place against the risk of losing know-how, which has serious and immediate consequences: halted operations, reduced productivity, costly workarounds, permanent loss of expertise…

Until now, it has been impossible to capture and digitize this supposedly intangible material to guard against loss of know-how in the event of departures, whether anticipated or not.

Here are the problems we hear about:

Aging population

A wave of retirements will sweep through all companies in the years to come, and the aging experts population is the first to be affected. The loss of their know-how is an imminent and growing risk.

A handful of experts

Very often, critical know-how is held by a handful of experts . Implementing versatility and redundancy entails high or unaffordable costs. The impacts are even worse in small teams or small companies, with expertise held by single individuals.

Shorter careers

30-year careers with the same employer are no longer the norm. Operators change jobs, locations and companies much more regularly. It’s no longer viable to rely solely on the longevity of your teams.

Unexpected departures

All’s well until something unexpected happens. Accidents to personnel, whether in the workplace or not, but also economic, political, environmental… players who cannot be anticipated, mean a direct loss of expertise. This may cause operations to grind to a halt.

The Uptale solution

Digitize and secure the know-how with technologies that offer incredible fidelity

1. Capturing know-how in high fidelity

  • Digitize the know-how of your experts, in situ, in your field
  • Shoot in 360° and from the operator’s point of view, with his voice and gestures
  • Absorb the practices of your site, your teams, or your key professions
  • Capture the environment: workspace, ambient sound, pace, risks…
  • Upload your procedures, videos, existing media…
  • Compatible with all cameras on the market

2. Secure and organize know-how in a database

  • Save all your critical know-how in the secure Uptale Cloud or on your servers
  • Organize your know-how, by trade, by workstation, by sequence of operations, by team… in the secure areas of our platform.
  • Integrate Uptale with your business process creation and work organization solutions
  • Manage access and users simply

3. Enrich them to make them learnable

  • Transform captures into interactive, spatial and immersive learning modules
  • Add pedagogy: quizzes, gamification, conditional courses, scripting…
  • Create autonomously, by your field or learning teams
  • Use Uptale models to boost efficiency
  • Deploy at any time, with a single click

Uptale benefits

Unique know-how capture

Complete, high-fidelity capture of your experts' know-how in the field.

Next-generation learning

All the power of Immersive and Spatial Learning, ideal for upgrading the skills of front-line workers.

Speed and autonomy

No-code platform for controlled installation and maintenance, with minimal effort.

Flexibility and scalability

Modern cloud-native architecture for scalable, secure deployment.

100% secure know-how
Reduced downtime due to unforeseen events
Saves training time

How do companies use Uptale?

Safran Landing System - Anticipating departures

Safran Landing System - Anticipating departures

Digitizing the expertise of technicians with over 30 years' experience in landing gear maintenance, without which these operations would become impossible.

DS Smith - Deploying New Machines

DS Smith - Deploying New Machines

DS Smith had few written or digitized operating procedures, so it was vital to digitize operators' know-how, especially when deploying new industrial machines.

Aluminium Dunkerque - Aging population of experts

Aluminium Dunkerque - Aging population of experts

Digitizing the expertise of an ageing population of operators with technical skills around metallurgy, who will soon be retiring.