Enterprise Education

Teleport your learners anywhere in VR

Educational tours to give meaning to abstract learning.

Learn about endangered wildlife, visit a laboratory and conduct scientific experiments, fly over a country to understand its geographical layout, visit places steeped in history and culture, explore hard-to-reach places…

A better engagement

Pedagogical visits enhance learner engagement through an immersive, interactive learning experience

A visual experience

Strengthen understanding of complex concepts through visual and sensorial exploration

Knowledge retention with VR

A hands-on approach to knowledge retention

New ways of learning

Adapt to students' different learning styles and skill levels with customizable, interactive environments

A new way to learn about the world

« The goal was to connect each VR experience to a particular lesson. To do that, students created traveling experiences with Uptale. You can discover through their explanations important places and monuments in specific countries. »

— Principal at THINK Global School