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An innovative tool for Korian's educational engineers

Speakers: Ludivine Glaudon, Digital Learning Manager & Léna Loza, Multimedia Pedagogical Engineer

Korian Academy has been designing experiences via the Uptale platform since March 2021. They began with a training session on Uptale creation, followed by a hands-on demonstration of the equipment.

Thanks to ongoing support from the Uptale team on the stages of 360° filming and editing on Uptale, the Korian Academy team was able to increase its skills in using the tool.


Korian Academy has since created 3 experiments: a visit to the Academy of Care Professions, an experiment on the risks associated with handling chemical products, and a "room of errors" used in the recruitment procedure for nursing staff in EHPAD.



“Our first experience with Uptale showed us just how intuitive the platform is. The ease of use, interactivity and numerous features of the Uptale platform make it possible to create a truly high-quality interactive experience. »

– Ludivine Glaudon, Digital Learning Manager at Korian Academy

Ludivine Glaudon, Digital Learning Manager chez Korian Academy, qui parle de son expérience avec Uptale

The essentials of experience creation

According to Korian Academy’s content creators, there are some points to watch out for when creating experiences:

Sound recording, entry points, preparation for filming

Upstream pedagogical reflection is an essential step, as is collaboration with industry experts.

Train teaching engineers to use the tool

Tool training is essential to enable educational engineers to create experiences that are accessible to a population with little or no digitalization.

Keep up the pace of VR experience creation

Speakers: Arnaud Thébault, Learning & Development Manager, and Vincent Durand, Digital Monitor

Michelin has developed its creation by starting with a first capsule following an initial creation training course. Subsequently, they observed a rise in skills and the creation of a community of authors.

After a year, a growing interest in VR training has spread and we’re talking about an accelerated project where convincing people to invest in experience creation and deployment is simpler. Last but not least, Michelin is making advanced use of VR 360 technology for training purposes.


They continue to create 1 experiment per month. These experiments are designed within working groups that also include training experts in the targeted profession.



“The Uptale experiences enable us to anchor and validate our experience, which complements our initial training.

Our long-term vision is to transform our current training courses into digital ones, and to do so with Uptale. »

– Arnaud Thébault, Learning & Development Manager at Allianz France

A varied scope of creation

Michelin’s capsules focus not only on induction, safety, quality and manufacturing, but also on enhancing the skills of employees and simulating the most complex tasks.

Maintaining interest in Virtual Reality

To maintain interest in VR training, a weekly meeting and intervention are organized.

Michelin is also ensuring that it can continue to support this change by releasing resources to go further, to train, develop and accelerate this process.

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