Bringing gamification and an emotional dimension to standard safety induction

Speakers: Lauranne Pommier HR Assistant at Alstom & Eric Escande, E-learning Factory Manager Alstom Tarbes site

The Tarbes production site welcomes over 1,500 people every year, who need to be made aware of safety instructions. In recent years, they have observed a decline in employee awareness of EHS instructions.

That’s why they decided to integrate VR into their induction program. This module is both a virtual tour of the site and an introduction to safety rules. Killing two birds with one stone, the experience enabled the training to be delivered and the site to be visited.

The combination of upstream VR and onsite training means that information is better integrated, and good practices are more closely observed.

Alstom // VR Training bundle powered by Uptale


Over 1,700 training sessions since 2020
A dynamic, innovative corporate image when conveying messages
The emotional dimension has a much deeper impact on the message.
Accident KPI very close to the site record

ROI with Uptale

training time for trainers
-15 %
reduction of onboarding time
faster & more accessible


« I really encourage people to set up this type of action, because the emotional dimension is very strong and makes it easier to grasp the instructions. »

— Lauranne Pommier HR Assistant at Alstom & Eric Escande, E-learning Factory Manager Alstom Tarbes site

Immersive experience content

What are the main topics covered in the 360°?

Management commitment

Safety message from the department manager


On-site onboarding: learner's choice of neckband

The right gestures

Hunt and Seek Game
PPE (in sequences requiring entry to workshops)

Good practices

7 errors game + scenarization

Eric Escande - Alstom

« We’ve seen immediate time savings, with very simple set-up and verification.

The creation time is just a few days, and the modules are flexible and can be modified over time in the event of changes in regulations. »

Lauranne Pommier - Alstom

« There’s an emotional dimension, it’s fun, people live an experience rather than getting information verbally..

The message is retained a lot better and leaves more of an impression. We continue to get closer to the record for accident-free time on our site. »

Creating engaging experiences that leave a lasting impression

Speaker: Christophe Leclaire, Safety Preventer at Air Liquide

In 2019, Air Liquide wanted to integrate Virtual Reality into its new arrivals. The main objective was to improve their knowledge of the various internal and external safety rules of the Air Liquide site thanks to a fun and educational format.

3 safety modules are offered per VR headsets:

  • Pedestrians and machinery: 5 minutes
  • Mission preparation in laboratories: 5 minutes
  • Pedestrian traffic: 12 minutes


Safety is a core value at Air Liquide. With over 300 training sessions to its credit, conducted on VR headsets, Immersive Learning is now a fully integrated part of the employee integration process.

Air Liquide

« The virtual experience sensitizes new arrivals to the various risks present on the Campus, from the most generic to the most specific. Since then, it’s worked well and we’re very satisfied. »

— Christophe Leclaire, Safety Preventer at Air Liquide

Immersive experience content

Pedestrians & machinery

Best practices for on-site machine traffic

Laboratory missions

Preparing for a laboratory mission: equipment, authorizations...

Pedestrian traffic

Hunt & Seek game in the environment & good practices on site


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