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A digital unit in charge of VR deployment

Speakers : Brendan Le Bihan, Training Project Manager, Saint-Gobain Distribution Bâtiment France

Saint-Gobain in France represents 10 distribution centers, around 22,000 employees and no fewer than 2,000 sales outlets.

Saint-Gobain offers a cross-disciplinary, multi-modal training program with three training centers and 1 digital unit active since 2020.

This digital unit is essential both for creating new VR content and training courses, and for managing Saint-Gobain’s fleet of headsets remotely and face-to-face.

Formation VR pour Saint-Gobain crée sur Uptale


VR headsets are made available to trainers on training campuses, but also to employees in the regions. This fleet of headsets is managed by the digital unit with the help of Lenovo's Think Reality MDM (Mobile Device Management).

Saint-Gobain Distribution Bâtiment France


“To deploy, you need to have substantial content; helmets alone are not enough. That’s why we’re moving forward on both fronts simultaneously: developing more content and equipping more regions to democratize this modality .

– Brendan Le Bihan, Training Project Manager, Saint-Gobain Distribution Bâtiment France

Supporting trainers

Train them in this new modality and help them manage the technical aspects of helmet deployment.

During deployment on sites and training campuses, the digital unit provides support in using and configuring the headsets.

To do this, they use Lenovo’s Think Reality MDM platform to set up their systems on site or remotely.

Creating new VR content

Designing VR content with a dual objective.

The Uptale modules created by Saint-Gobain are designed to be used both as part of a training program and as stand-alone modules, enabling local entities to run much shorter events.

Multi-device deployment in 3 phases

Speakers : Hervé Delpiroux, Head of Digital Training and Innovation Department, Allianz France

For several years now, Allianz France has been reinventing its training courses to make employees more autonomous. Using modalities such ase-learning and Virtual Reality to personalize training paths.

In order to introduce Virtual Reality into their training courses, they deployed the technology in several phases, first for the Sales Academy and then more generally for onboarding.


In 2020, Allianz was rewarded for its efforts: they won the Argus d'Or trophy thanks to the creation of a VR module dedicated to Allianz sales staff, as well as the Trophée d'Or de l'Assurance for reinventing its onboarding path with Uptale.

Allianz France


“With Uptale, we have succeeded in proving that Virtual Reality adds value to our entire training program. »

– Hervé Delpiroux, Head of Digital Training and Innovation, Allianz France

Deployment in 3 phases

  1. The introduction of VR/360° technology through the use of headsets in classroom training
  2. Distribution of the VR module to all networks for deployment on deployment on computer or telephone
  3. The creation of a new, immersive onboarding program for over 600 new arrivals

Giving access and communicating

SAAF’s training rooms feature more or less 20 Oculus Go or Quest Virtual Reality headsets, so you can access experiences under the guidance of instructors.

To make it easy to share these experiences, Allianz has chosen to do so via a web link accessible from computers and telephones.

zA major communications campaign has been launched to clarify how these immersive capsules work.

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