Enterprise Education

Immersive Learning for the banking and insurance sector

Training through role-playing, on a large scale, in a measurable and safe way

Sales - Customer Relations

Welcoming a client in the agency, listening to activate, reformulating, managing objections, proposing services, carrying out field diagnostics

Sales - Tele-operators

Practice a pitch, simulate a phone interview, rehearse a script

HR - Integration and Culture

Visit emblematic places, meet the COMEX, do a "live my life" in the skin of an agent,

Management - Soft Skills

Training in social-emotional skills, giving feedback, managing complex situations, public speaking

10 x more employees reached, with equivalent resources (vs. traditional training)

« The immersive experience is one of the strong points of our integration program for new employees. With the headsets, we really get everyone on board: decision-makers, agents, trainees. »

— Digital training and Innovation Manager at Allianz France

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