Standardize the creation of Uptale experiences and make them accessible to all

Speakers : Jean-Baptiste Delafoy, Vice President, Global Supply Chain Strategic Workforce Planning

Schneider Electric was faced with a learning problem: training courses were unattractive, with low take-up rates and insufficient impact.

The Uptale Solution saves time and is seen as a complement to face-to-face training. This is a centralized system that can be deployed at all Schneider Electric sites.


With some 350 experiences and 14,000 VR training sessions, Schneider Electric has seen a growing interest in virtual reality among its employees.

Schneider Electric

ROI with Uptale

Designer Sessions
Learner Sessions
Hours of VR training


“With VR training, we bring an emotional touch to the experience, which is much more impactful than explanatory webinars.”

– Jean-Baptiste Delafoy, Vice President, Global Supply Chain Strategic Workforce Planning at Schneider Electric

Standardizing experiments

The experiments work on a cut-and-paste basis to establish a standard that can be replicated at all Schneider sites.

Schneider Electric has organized itself to promote VR training at as many sites as possible. Content can be created from production sites.

Large-scale deployment

These are dedicated VR training spaces deployed at 270 sites with Single Sign On (SSO), enabling real tracking by employee.

Thanks to its Learning Corners, Schneider Electric’s strategy is to take training out of the classroom and onto tablets and smartphones.

4 steps to deploy Immersive Learning at Fnac-Darty

Speakers: Romain Audic, Digital Training Manager

  1. Test the solution on a site visit to discover the potential and leverage of Immersive Learning for wider use within the Group.
  2. Identify new use cases and train an in-house designer
  3. Deploy in 10 autonomous pilot stores with Uptale’s assistance
  4. Large-scale deployment in +500 Fnac-Darty stores
FNAC-DARTY Group trains in-store sales staff using virtual reality


12 experiments to train in-store sales staff 10 pilot stores equipped with headsets will train independently +500 stores will be equipped to train in VR



“Bringing VR digital training into stores enables our employees and managers to take ownership of the training. »

– Romain Audic, Digital Training Manager at Fnac-Darty

Expand your catalog of experiments

Sales training, product knowledge, after-sales service and warehouse visits are categories of experience defined in the Fnac-Darty strategy.

Ultimately, they want to use VR Uptale technology to offer customers in-store access to virtual showrooms or complementary sales experiences.

Making stores autonomous in their training

Supported and assisted by the Uptale team, the aim is to gradually extend this roll-out and equip all +500 Fnac Darty stores with this technology by the end of the year.

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