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In a few clicks, customize these templates according to your needs and your universe: charter, environment, standards...

Save time

Reduce creation time by starting with a pre-designed template to deploy your training faster.

Cross-platform content

Deploy your training on all screens: PC, smartphone, tablet and VR headset!

LMS integration

For large-scale deployment, your experience can be integrated seamlessly with your existing training and collaboration platforms.

Professional and customizable templates

Train and educate your employees on a variety of topics thanks to our customizable catalog!

Our pre-designed immersive training courses can be edited according to your environmental and educational needs

Models to personalize during the year
Major themes to be discovered during the year
Day to adapt the module

… and many others !

Safety induction (onboarding)
Circulation on site
Level falls
Particle projection into the eye
Working at height
Safety while working with machines and equipment
Electrical risks
Mechanical handling (overhead crane)
Sound and noise risks
Fire hazards

Our available modules in video

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