Enterprise Education


We are convinced that we need to be as close as possible to the field, to the experts, and to real-life work situations.


We use the latest capture and immersion technologies for maximum fidelity.


We create agile solutions that are accessible to all, by and for those working in the field, so that a real transformation can take place.


Every field is unique

Every organization has its own unique locations, situations and experts.. Learners need to be immersed in their future work environment, not in theoretical situations. The use of images and videos makes it possible to faithful representation of the real terrain, your unique terrain.


For training to be most effective, the learner must have the impression of being in real life. This notion of ‘presence’ works even if a conscious part knows that the experience is artificial. Realistic capture is the key to convincing simulation.


One of the challenges is to capture information as richly as possible. Know-how isn’t just procedures described in files: you have to be able to transcribe the space, the sound environment, the behaviors, the gestures, the pace, the dangers, the emotions…


Mixed Reality and Spatial Computing

Today’s virtual reality and mixed reality headsets offer unrivalled, convincing immersion, allowing you to teleport to the terrain of your choice. To work in 3D, there’s nothing likelearning in 3D. These Spatial Computing devices have the potential to become the only screens needed for training field workers.

Multi-faceted capture

The aim is to multiply sources and formats. 360° cameras to digitize the working environment, traditional cameras for precise actions, on-board cameras at expert eye level, microphones… as well as all the material already available, such as documents, procedures, training aids, internal videos, and so on.

Artificial Intelligence

We’re moving at the speed of consumer technologies and usingArtificial Intelligence in a number of ways:

  • Spatialize 360° images by adding depth to move around them
  • Assisting content creation with Generative AI
  • Create innovative, natural-language interactions



We create No Code tools that can be used by anyone without any prior technical knowledge. We lead our customers towards autonomy, so that a real transformation can take place. Our solutions also work with most 360° cameras and MR headsets on the market, from a wide range of manufacturers.


Because the field moves fast: changing processes, new products, automation, new machines, reorganization… capturing and transferring expertise must be done at digital speed. Content that is quick to create, quick to edit, quick to duplicate, quick to consume, is needed to keep up with these changes!


With a modern cloud-native architecture, available worldwide, and offline and private hosting features, the Uptale platform enables scalable, secure deployment.