Enterprise Education


Formerly, schools were limited on the number of possible visits per student in the farms, Virtual Reality allows to overcome this physical constraint and to better prepare the students before their first visit (reduce the surprise effect).

This immersive experience is carried out in groups of 4 or 5 with a VR headset or remotely (on PC), which was very useful during the pandemic.

This innovation is supported and financed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food’s General Directorate for Education and Research and the Agreenium Institute.


The EnvA and the French Veterinary Schools use Uptale to prepare the veterinarians of tomorrow. They have developed a virtual reality program dedicated to swine farm visits. An immersive, educational tool that allows students to discover this environment before the field visit.

The student, immersed in the farm thanks to the virtual reality headset, will be able to observe the animals around him and discover the operation of a farm (gestation, births, food, health care…).


  • Take students on a virtual tour of a pig farm;
  • Give them a basic understanding of biosecurity;
  • Have them work in small groups on a simple case with a multi-factor analysis so that they can solve the case and make a report