Enterprise Education


DS Smith, an international company specializing in sustainable packaging solutions, has plants in over 30 countries, with more than 30,000 employees, who need to be trained, for example, in technical processes or complex machinery.

The aim of this 360° Virtual Reality experience is to reproduce on-the-job training, without logistical constraints or risk , and to pass on best practices uniformly to all employees.


The learner is immersed in the heart of a DS Smith factory, and begins by equipping himself with the right PPE and identifying the risks present at his workstation by interacting with them.

The learner must then carry out a complete corrigator reel replacement in VR, making sure to comply with safety and quality instructions. Through interaction with the machines and technical quizzes, learners can consolidate their knowledge while practicing in real-life situations.


The pilot site in Nantes, DS Smith Packaging Atlantique, has seen the first results of VR in their operational training Overall, they note:

  • More effective learning and shorter training times;
  • Increased awareness of safety and quality;
  • A dozen experiments have been carried out, available in multiple languages.