Enterprise Education


  • Reduce the number of accidents on site.
  • Save time for trainers and instructors.
  • Increase skills faster.
  • Easily digitize hundreds of operating procedures into short practical VR modules.
  • Fully integrate Virtual Reality into training programs.

100% integrated into the training program for new arrivals.


Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) contain instructions for performing operations with efficiencyqualityconsistency and safety. However, training programs are often complex documents that are rarely used and rarely updated.

The digitalization of these trainings with VR allows for :

  • real emotional impact when faced with risky situations.
  • A faster increase in competence thanks to the discovery of the work environment beforehand.


  • 0 accidents to be maintained on the Tarbes site
  • 9K saved per year on the site thanks to the training time saved: 1 month / team leader / year
  • 2 awards won for the quality and impact of this training


This dimension will enable [new learners] a better integration of risk to avoid finding ourselves in difficulty in the future. And this will help us maintain a very low accident rate, equal to zero.

Eric Escande, Traction Academy Manager at Alstom