Enterprise Education


In a fast-changing industrial world, attracting the next generation of talent is a major challenge.

The industry is undergoing a metamorphosis, embracing digital technology, adopting eco-responsibility and encouraging diversity, especially among women.

To introduce young people to the career opportunities offered by this new industrial era, Schneider Electric and Uptale have joined forces.

They have created an immersive series of 3 virtual tours, accessible from anywhere, highlighting the technological and societal changes transforming the sector.


  • The first tour, entitled “Circular Economy“, was filmed at the Schneider Electric site in Privas. It introduces visitors to the different professions involved in each stage of product repair to give them a second life.
  • The second visit, “Industry 4.0”, aims to show how new technologies are used to improve productivity and the daily lives of workers at the Le Vaudreuil site, as well as the related jobs.
  • The third tour focuses on the feminization of industrial jobs, following the daily lives of a female engineer and a female technician at the Carros site.


  • Number of sessions: 3,000
  • Total time spent: 300 hours
  • Average time per session: 6 minutes
  • Laurent Bataille, President of Schneider Electric France, wrote a Linkedin post on the subject