Enterprise Education


Satellite Healthcare was looking for a way to immerse teams in their future working environment, which is often intimidating at first sight. For them, PowerPoint or e-learning were not always enough to fully prepare them for the real world.

Thanks to immersive learning, they can now experiment and learn in a safe environment, without putting patients at risk.


Learners are immersed in a dialysis center and guided in the discovery of medical machines and equipment.

They have to interact with these machines to make sure they work properly, and understand the various daily processes and checkpoints.


The U.S.-based Satellite Healthcare teaching teams are delighted with this first module co-created with Uptale. They find the platform intuitive and easy to access, with an affordable solution.

Uptale’s support enabled them to gain in autonomy and produce a high-quality VR training course.
The internal response has been so enthusiastic that they are planning to carry out further experiments themselves, in order to promote this innovative format to their teams.