Enterprise Education


Ensuring the animal’s well-being, its safety and its good development are the major challenges faced by breeders every day. To provide them the support they need, Royal Canin decided to create a training module to encourage the enrichment of sales position by adopting an advisory posture ; consultants to dogs and puppies well-being in the breeding circuit.


In the role of a salesman, the trainee meets Monica, manager of a canine breeding. Taking the appropriate equipment, applying the principle of walking forward, adopting the right behavior when meeting with breeding kennel… are three decision making situation examples which the learner will go through during the whole Immersive learning experience.


  • More than 150 people trained in France and United Kingdom
  • From 3.4/5 to 4.2/5 regarding the confidence level to conduct a visit after immersive training
  • Adaptation of the experience to hosting, refuges and feline breeding
  • Multi-language development for wide deployment