This Virtual Reality Soft Skills training course is part of a training program offered by Abilways for all Orange employees.

Learners are immersed in a 360° Virtual Reality headset and have to practice presenting their project (voice recognition).

This experience combines theory and practice, with exercises in recognizing bad positioning and non-verbal communication practices, and pitching exercises in front of an audience or in different situations.


  • Enable any employee of the organization to acquire best practices in public speaking and project presentation/pitching.
  • Improve the quality of learning by using VR


  • 270 VR sessions completed
  • 45h+ total time spent exercising in a VR headset
  • 80% of participants would recommend the training to someone close to them
  • 1 study published in a scientific journal based on this VR pitch experience
  • Qualitative results: increased self-confidence, fewer distractions in the headset, realistic application