In this Virtual Reality experience, the learners play the role of a hacker infiltrating the Orange offices. Their mission is to gather as much information as possible from various work areas:  individual workstations, shared, and public workspaces.

Through investigative exercises, they are challenged to identify risks in the environment that could be exploited by malicious hackers.

This virtual immersion reflects the real and tangible vulnerabilities to which companies, such as Orange, could be exposed. It also emphasizes risky behaviors, providing an immersive approach to raise awareness about cybersecurity issues.


  • Raising awareness about hacking techniques and vulnerabilities that exist in a daily work environment,
  • Reinforcing best practices to mitigate cybersecurity risks.


  • Number of sessions: 352
  • Total spent: 41h50
  • Average time per session: 7 min13s (experience lasts about 10 min)
  • By the end of the module, almost 80% of learners felt comfortable with the subject of cybersecurity.
  • 69% would recommend this experience to a colleague.