Enterprise Education


  • Facilitating the understanding of packaging production methods , thus adapting to production constraints for better product launches.
  • Train newcomers regarding the company and its partners’ operations to optimize time and increase autonomy.
  • A long-term vision to digitalize the entire l’Oréal ecosystem.


Learners discover the L’Oréal Operations production process through an immersive discovery of the production sites, from design to product realization and quality checks. Through integrated video support and quizzes, the learner becomes familiar with the production chain and its different steps.


  • Saving time and autonomy
  • More than 3,500 unique visits recorded worldwide
  • Continuous collaboration and training between all of L’Oréal ecosystems.
  • An engaging learning experience that promotes understanding and adaptation of the different L’Oréal partners and L’Oréal Operations.