Enterprise Education


Fnac Darty, European leader in the distribution of cultural and leisure goods, technical products and household appliances, is using Immersive Learning to improve the knowledge of its salespeople on offers such as “Darty Max”, but also to enhance their customer relationship through voice analysis and simulating a client-salesperson exchange.


Co-created in 5 days, the VR experience immerses the learner in a Fnac Darty store as an advisor/salespeople. Customers come to meet them and with the help of an integrated documentation, the learner must explain and argue orally about the “Darty Max” offer and the “Sustainable Choice by Darty” to inform and guide the customer in his purchase.


Speech recognition coupled with voice analysis allows each learner to train independently, to improve his sales pitch and customer relationship while being in real-life conditions.

Thanks to Immersive Learning, Fnac Darty reduces its logistical training costs by 4 compared to a face-to-face training.