Enterprise Education


Think Global School is the first traveling high school where students live and learn in four countries a year. To transform education into project based and experience-based learning, they have integrated immersive technologies into students training. They are introduced to places and monuments, to learn more about a particular event that happened in the country they’re in.​


The goal was to connect each VR experience to a particular lesson.

Through those VR experiences, students have been able to discover & learn from several places such as Japan with Miyajima Island or the historical site of Hiroshima.​


4 main experiences are now deployed in the school through VR headsets or Cardboards. VR will also be used for student’s personal projects.

With Uptale’s complete end-to-end platform, Think Global School can now build their own experiences and revolutionized their education methods.​

We couldn't have revolutionized our education methods without Uptale

« Uptale was massively important in the success of our project because it gave us a place to build our experiences. I loved being part of this really exciting project. We couldn’t have revolutionized our education methods without Uptale. »

— Russell John Cailey, Managing Director of THINK Global School