Industry and Automotive

Efficiently upgrade the skills of your operators,
while freeing up your company's resources


Train, without risk, and without constraint of availability of your resources

Induction - New operators

Dealing with turnover, quickly integrating temporary workers, making them aware of key points to know, before they arrive on site and get onboard

Health - Ergonomics

Prevent social and professional risks, by allowing operators to visualize their workstation, to warm up and not injure themselves

Production - Operating procedures

Repeat operating procedures, observe them on the field, practice gesture by gesture and then evaluate the knowledge retention

Quality - Maintenance procedure

Reinvent technical documentation with simulations and field examples. Save time on repetitive operations

0 %
training time compared to traditional methods
Immersive Learning has enabled us to put production operators in situations before they take up their jobs or to allow them to review certain technical gestures.Even though we reproduce the workstations in training schools, it is not the reality in the field. There is no noise, no speed, no production line rhythm.
Head of Industrial Academy

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