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Save time by monitoring remote learners

Speakers : Steven Remuzat, Digital HR Project Manager
Claudine Chaptal, Digital HR Project Manager

The aim after deployment is to train employees independently. Thanks to performance analysis, supervisory engineers save time by being able to monitor learners remotely.

For the trainer, this means he can refocus on value-added activities, without logistical constraints.

For learners, this means they don’t have to travel to the safety reception area beforehand, and they can better retain their knowledge and implications while complying with safety rules.


The importance of this function is clear from the quantitative and qualitative results of the VR solution. Training time was divided by 5 for the same number of trainees, saving 475 hours of productivity over 6 months.


ROI with Uptale

less training time
+475 h
in productivity in 6 months


« We go from training in hours to training in minutes, showing better retention rates with VR. So it’s a pretty remarkable productivity gain! »

– Steven Remuzat, Digital HR Project Manager at CEA

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