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The Global EdTech Startup Awards (GESA) is the world’s largest EdTech startup competition. Initiated by MindCET (Israel), GESA was co-founded by the Open Education Challenge (EU) and EdTech UK in 2014.

More than 2,000 start-ups from all over the world applied to GESA, and we are delighted to announce that :

Uptale won this major competition and was named the most promising EdTech startup of the year this Wednesday, January 23, 2019!

The GESA, a prestigious award

This competition highlights the most outstanding EdTech startups of the year.

The criteria taken into account for the ranking are tackling a clear, market-relevant problem, providing an innovative pedagogical approach, having an outstanding user experience, showing huge growth potential in its user base, and operating within a sustainable business model. Winning projects can benefit from a $50,000 prize and a host of business opportunities, including support in international gas pedals.

GESA 2018 finalists: the future of EdTech

The 11 winners of the national finals gathered at London’s Queen Elizabeth II Centre on Wednesday to pitch in 3 minutes to 40 judges and an audience of 300.

We invite you to discover the 13 promising start-up finalists with us:

  • for Hungary, InSimu Patient gives doctors and medical students the opportunity to practice their future medical care in the safety of virtual reality on simulated patients with the full range of diagnostic methods.
  • for Japan, Hanamaru Lab have developed teaching materials to help children improve their problem-solving and critical thinking skills.
  • for India, Million Sparks Foundation is a Google-funded technology education initiative that provides teacher capacity-building resources and enables teachers to connect and communicate.
  • for Brazil, Guten presented a digital solution to support schools that encourage critical reading among students via an interactive platform.
  • for Mexico, Bedu is a blended learning academy for the development of digital programming and business skills, through a mixed model, studying theory online and attending classes to reinforce and apply the knowledge acquired.
  • for Finland, Lyfta brings beautifully crafted immersive stories into the classroom, so children can discover exciting new places and inspiring people from around the world.
  • for the USA-West, ClassTag is a teacher application that facilitates parent-teacher communication and parent engagement.
  • for the USA-East, Skillist is a skills-based, identity-neutral application platform that connects untapped talent with high-demand professions.
  • for Ghana, The Khalmax Robotics Project empowers children around the world to solve problems and innovate through science and technology.
  • for Colombia, Babysparks is an innovative program that supports early childhood development through over 1,300 video activities and development milestones.
  • for Israel, skooBi increases the efficiency of reading and learning on mobile devices by adapting text to our mobile reading habits.
  • for South Africa, Snapplify specializes in the distribution of digital content for retail and eLearning.
  • for Germany, Maphi is an innovative mathematical game with a playful design and a new approach to solving mathematical problems.

We congratulate the startups that have won awards with us: Lyfta (2nd), Insimu (3rd), Babysparks (People’s Choice).

Many thanks - Uptale named "Most Promising Edtech Start-up of the Year

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank our customers and partners who have entrusted us with their Immersive Learning projects throughout the year!

Aurélie and Fahd, our representatives in London, would also like to extend a special thanks to MindCet and the entire organizing team, as well as to our sponsors and partners, for organizing this incredible evening!

2019 is starting on a high note and our team is motivated to live up to this title! If you haven’t yet taken the plunge into virtual reality, contact our team for a demo!

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