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What if we told you that you can create Virtual Reality content and publish it inside your training programs, just like any other learning resource? This is possible by integrating Uptale into your LMS!

The LMS, or “Learning Management System”, is the software on which you will find all your training programs that manage your learning process, including blended learning paths in which you can integrate Virtual Reality.

Simplify UX by improving pedagogy while optimizing impact

This is what Uptale has achieved with Alstom and CrossKnowledge in order to increase the amount of learners trained with Immersive Learning, simplify the use of all stakeholders, and more easily measure the impact.

Uptale’s integration into Alstom’s CrossKnowledge platform, had several objectives:

  • Provide learners with a single entry point to their training offer
  • Benefit from blended learning training courses integrating the VR modules
  • Create “learning channels” dedicated to Immersive Learning
  • Give educational conceptors the means to publish their VR modules in 1 click
  • Getting the most out of the facilitator/coach role, whether it be internal or external
  • Centralize learning data and performance management by the learning teams

It is a powerful tool that facilitates VR deployment within the company by improving the governance of the modules, accessibility for learners, and usage monitoring. Ultimately, the learner/creator/trainer experience is optimized and the learning is more diversified and complete.

Uptale’s LMS integration for an optimized VR deployment

Uptale & CrossKnowledge’s integration

The integration of immersive modules into your LMS is a real asset to reach your learner population more effectively. They will find all the training content on the same platform, which multiplies tenfold the advantages of VR and its ROI.

In the case of Alstom, employees connect with the company’s SSO to the LMS, and can find immersive training content, produced in-house, and enjoy a wide range of experiences (site visits and onboarding, technical training, rail safety, inclusive experience, relaxation…).

Learners can then launch the experience from their PC, without changing platforms, or from a VR headset, by using a code generated in the LMS. Learner data is then fed back into the LMS, regardless of the location or the medium used by the learner.

Integrating Immersive Learning in the CrossKnowledge LMS is a way for Alstom to pursue its ATADAWAC approach (Any Time, Any Device, Any Where, Any Content) and bring the field and experiential training to nearly 80,000 employees worldwide.

Franck Gaillard, Global Learning Director at Alstom, explained that VR modalities ensure this exceptionally high retention: “The context: […] It has been shown that the closer the learning context is to the real environment, the more likely it is that the person will be able to reproduce what they have learned. “Emotion: with Virtual Reality we add something that we would not have in conventional training, which is emotion”; “Action: […]. There is a better anchoring of what is happening. And we don’t have this possibility to act with traditional e-learning or video”.

Content governance and data tracking

To make the most of this integration, Alstom also benefited from the full support of Uptale and CrossKnowledge which included :

  • dedicated team led by a project manager
  • Centralized management of the integration project
  • Support on the definition of governance
  • Mobilization of expert learning design on pedagogical design

The integration has been designed both for the creators (who will be able to easily push their VR content onto the LMS), the learning functions (which track and retrieve all data on the same platform) and the learners (who have a single entry point and benefit from blended training).

The integration of Uptale’s modules into Alstom’s LMS has contributed to the expansion ofVR inside the Alstom Group. Today, Alstom has created 120+ VR experiences, has 33 workspaces (entities that have taken over VR) and thousands of learners worldwide.

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