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Viva Technology is the largest Startup & Tech Event in Europe. This year’s edition, saw a record-breaking 165,000 visitors, a 10% increase from the previous year. The event’s influence extended far beyond the venue, reaching 2 billion people on social media. With 13,500 startups participating, a 20% rise from last year, and over 400 speakers (such as Elon Musk, Clara Shih and Linda Yaccarino) sharing insights on the latest tech trends, the key themes this year included Artificial Intelligence, Climate Tech, the Creator Economy, and Deep Tech, reflecting the diverse and dynamic nature of the tech landscape where Uptale was a natural fit.

Introducing Spatial Learning: Mixed Reality demos on Quest 3

With more than 700 VR demos realized, Uptale was represented by 5 well known companies using VR Training to upskill their workforce: SNCF, CMA CGM, Sanofi, Engie and PwC, highlighting once again their trust and seamless integration of Uptale’s solution in their operations. Viva Technology’s participants had the possibility to test various immersive learning experiences:

  • SNCF’s preparation for client relationship management
  • Onboarding on the Patagonia vessel in XR: an immersive way for all CMA CGM employees to discover the reality of the logisitc field
  • Sanofi’s factories visits and processes’ discovery
  • Following an Engie technician to understand protocols for managing electrical risks
  • PwC’s soft skills traning: raising awarness about hearing disabilities in the workplace
  • Spatial learning demonstrations to fully grasp Uptale’s capabilities

Shaping Spatial Learning: expanding the possibilities of virtual training to best fit learners' needs

Throughout the event, over 700 Uptale’s demos were conducted, or more than 50 hours of VR, allowing the gathering of essential feedback and insights. This event also provided a fantastic opportunity to engage directly with clients, as well as enthusiastic students and innovative startups continuously exploring new applications and enhancement of XR experiences (full-body immersion with Actronika‘s haptic vest, engaging virtual spaces with Emperia, and digitalization of field operations with V-labs, among others).

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Uptale: The most represented VR startup at Viva Technology

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