Fnac Darty Group trains its in-store salespeople with Immersive Learning

Since the end of 2018, Fnac Darty Group has been training its salesforce through immersive training programs based on Virtual Reality. By using Uptale’s solution, Fnac Darty innovates and improves performance while saving money.

Virtual Reality: an innovative experience allowing teleportation

When discovering Virtual Reality, the Digital Training department manager at Fnac Darty, Romain Audic, quickly realizes the huge potential for its business: “The original goal was to make virtual visits of sites that were too far away. In order to do it within a single day of training, we found that Virtual Reality was an interesting and innovative solution.”

Romain Audic then decides to go with Uptale, whom he believes, is a must-have partner in this field. “Fnac Darty group’s bias is to follow start-ups on innovative solutions. We loved the autonomy provided by their solution.”

Limited budget, reduced training time, optimized information retention: Uptale’s magic trio

Through Virtual Reality, Fnac Darty has brought a new autonomous and unlimited training program to immerse its employees in stores. A real success, according to Romain Audic: “We’ve got thousands of stores all over France. Therefore, we don’t have the capacity to physically train every selling team with our training collaborators. Today, instead of bringing one trainer on the field, stores only have to get a pair of glasses. Hence, they are more autonomous and better fit to boost their sales force.”

What also seduced Fnac Darty was the playful aspect of Immersive Learning: “It’s super immersive, and our collaborators can truly live their selling experiences as if they were there. Thus, they can practice, train, and progress limitlessly while having fun at the same time.”

Besides all of those benefits, Uptale makes it possible to multiply learner engagement by 5 compared to a classic client case. The solution also optimizes information retention: the learners retain 75 to 90% of long-term information compared to 10 to 20% with traditional methods. Finally, the solution is clearly cost-effective since Fnac Darty divides its logistical costs by 4 compared to physical training.

A solution (almost) limitless

Thanks to Uptale’s easy-to-handle platform, Fnac Darty now aims to expand its offer in the near future. “Today, we only have a few training modules dedicated solely to the sales force. The goal is to create content and broaden our offer to reach the management department or even customer relationship. We have yet to discover all the solutions offered by Uptale, but that’s only the beginning!” concludes Romain Audic. 

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