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Frequently asked questions

Do you have any starter offers?

Yes! It’s logical for a company or team to want specific support when implementing a solution as impactful and innovative as Immervise Learning. We offer packaged solutions, tried and tested by numerous customers, and specially designed to get you up and running with confidence over a period of a few months to a year.

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Does the creator have to know how to code?

No, the creation platform is no-code and intuitive.

On which devices can I deploy my experiences?

Uptale experiences can be deployed on the market’s leading virtual reality headsets, including Meta, Pico, Lenovo, HTC. They can also be deployed on computers, mobiles and tablets, Android or iOS, however we recommend the VR headset for full immersion and increased efficiency.

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Do you offer customized hosting solutions?

Yes. Although standard hosting on our Microsoft Azure Cloud is secure and high-performance, we also offer other options (this requires the Enterprise Plan). For example, Private Azure Cloud or On-Premise installation.