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What’s the key to preparing students to meet the challenges of today’s working world?

For Jonathan LOK, a teacher at the Singapore Polytechnic Business School, the answer lies in the integration of virtual reality. In this interview, he shares his experience and the benefits of this innovative approach through a final-year project with his students for the Salvation Army.

Can you briefly introduce yourself, the university where you teach and the course you teach?

My name is Jonathan LOK, and I teach at the Singapore Polytechnic Business School. I teach second- and third-year students marketing modules such as performance marketing analysis and the final year project.

Can you describe the purpose of your students' final project with the Salvation Army?

The aim of the final year project was to apply everything they had learned during their time at Singapore Polytechnic and solve a customer problem.

Why did you decide to include virtual reality in this project?

Virtual reality offers an opportunity to approach customer issues from a different angle. It provides an immersive experience, tackling key points to solidify the students’ ideas.

What were the results? What was the feedback from the Salvation Army? What about your students?

The results were incredible! In just 2 months, the students were able to integrate Uptale’s virtual reality solution into their presentation, addressing to the customer’s problem. The Salvation Army was enthusiastic about the presentation and smiling throughout the session. The students had an enriching experience where they embraced and created an immersive experience through technology.


How long did it take your students to develop the virtual reality modules?

It only took the students 2 months! Those 2 months included a start-up session, exploration of the Uptale platform, and only 2 sessions with a virtual reality headset. Despite all this, they had other module presentations and exams. I’m really proud of their resilience and determination.

How quickly did your students adapt to using the Uptale platform and the Creator Studio?

Very quickly. After the start-up session, they created demo content such as placeholders for their ideas. The platform was easy to use and navigate.

Would you recommend or consider Uptale for educational projects?

Certainly, using Uptale’s virtual reality solutions in the final year project was just a glimpse of the potential and learning it brings. I’m exploring how to take it even further.

Group picture with a bunch of people from Uptale and Singapore Polytechnic

Why did you decide to introduce virtual reality into this project? What are the advantages of this technology, and why did you choose to involve students in the creative process?

Virtual reality allows students to create an experience to take others on a journey like no other. It allows them to be creative in their overall presentation to The Salvation Army. The benefits are truly priceless! It allows them to be even more agile by being exposed to how different technology enhances their capabilities. It allows them to think beyond solutions for any task or challenge. Furthermore, it takes them one step closer to industry readiness. In short, it prepares them not only in terms of technical skills, but also trains them in their soft skills.


Do you have any future plans for Uptale?

I’m certainly interested, and exploring what the next level might be from this project.

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