Enterprise Education

Why start now?

The most innovative companies are integrating Immersive Learning into their training strategies, replacing traditional digital formats with immersive, interactive experiences.

Traditional methods no longer suffice:

  • Digital training or e-learning focuses on learning theory and office skills, and is not unsuitable for learning know-how and interpersonal skills. This format is not representative of the field and not very engaging.
  • Classroom-based training is often passive, with very low information retention, and ineffective for learning field skills.
  • In-situ training, especially In-situ training, requires enormous resources to be deployed on a large scale, and comes up against physical constraints in terms of access, security and availability…

The power of Immersive Learning

Today, it is possible to simulate real-world situations in safe, controlled environments in which learners can train endlessly and gain experience.

Virtual and mixed reality training is now the most effective way of onboarding, training and upskilling employees, within everyone’s reach.

faster training
more attention
more confident

Taking your first steps

Would you like to experiment with Immersive Learning, but don’t know where to start and are afraid of embarking on a long, complex and costly project? You want the expertise of one of the leaders in the field to advise you and guarantee the success of your launch.

Enrich your programs

You have a training program, existing or under construction, in which you want to maximize impact by adding Immersive Learning modules, either stand-alone or as part of a blended learning program.

Mastering the modality

You want to integrate Immersive Learning into your training strategy, empower your L&D teams, and use this modality as naturally as face-to-face or e-learning, whenever necessary, throughout your company.

Tackle a specific challenge

Immersive Learning can help you meet an operational, HR or event challenge : save time, reduce training and transport costs, be original, attract maximum attention and retention…

An infinite number of use cases


Health & Safety

Train your teams on health and safety standards:
– Safety induction
– Safety rules
– Emergency situations
– Consignment-Deconsignment
– Physical preparation
– … and many more!

Why Uptale?

A complete, proven solution

Uptale offers a complete solution, combining a powerful platform and professional services to deploy Immersive Learning and realize your ambitions.

A methodology proven on hundreds of projects and customers, with no-strings-attached introductory offers.

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360° photo and video capture for true-to-life environments


Immersive, interactive modules with Uptale, without codes, in complete autonomy.


Your immersive modules on any device, LMS & SOO integration. Online or offline.


Your trainees’ progression and measure the impact of your trainings with a data dashboard.

On-site training at digital speed

Train safely, reduce training time and costs, increase training impact and learner commitment.
Our customers are convinced of the effectiveness of Immersive Learning thanks to proven, concrete results.

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