Enterprise Education


  • Increasing the scope of practical simulations due to the difficulty of getting all students to practice in the field.
  • The new reforms challenge teachers to train and evaluate the practical skills of students whose numbers have doubled.
  • Ensure that all students have covered all the different medical situations expected in their course in order to acquire the knowledge to intervene.


Immersed in a series of situations around morphine titration, students are confronted with four painful patients who must be assessed and relieved.  They navigate through the dosages, side effects and actions to adopt in case of emergency during impactful scenarios that create an emotional bond with the patient.

The module developed by the Health UFR Simone Veil includes two courses: in the shoes of a patient in pain (awareness in the recovery room, role-playing of doctors’ bad practices), in the shoes of the doctor (simulation of different cases during morphine titration.


The modules will be rolled out to all sixth-year students starting in the 2022 school year. The faculty team already has a range of projects in mind and hope to expand them to all departments and classes. In order to scale these simulations and train all students in the multitude of skills they need to learn, UVSQ hopes to equip itself with enough headsets within a few years.