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Spatial Learning: Innovations that will shape the future of learning and training

During its latest keynote at Meta, Uptale unveiled major innovations that will shape the future of learning and training: virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), mixed reality, artificial intelligence and generative AI.

A veritable revolution in the world of training, the Spatial Learning concept introduced by Uptale will enable employees to immerse themselves in interactive or augmented virtual environments, combining theory and practice within the same training session.

Collaborative Group Session

Collaborative Group Session

Immersive experiences with other learners, guided by a trainer in real time, either face-to-face or remotely.

Spatial Experience & Spatial Editor

Spatial Experience & Spatial Editor

Uptale opens up to Mixed Reality with Meta Quest 3, Pico 4 or Lenovo VRX headsets to enhance your work environments.

3D mapping of your 360° experiences

3D mapping of your 360° experiences

We use Artificial Intelligence to analyze and give depth to a 360° environment. From now on, learners will be able to move around in an Uptal experience!

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

The AI built into Uptale will enable creators to create their modules even faster: generate virtual media and environments, educational activities or even storyboards.

Innovations in training

Uptale presents its brand-new take on virtual reality and Immersive Learning as we know it: Spatial Learning. Participants experienced total immersion in collaborative scenarios created with Stellantis and Alstom. Uptale also highlights the various technological advances and possibilities that Spatial Learning brings to their solution:

  • Spatial Studio Create and edit training modules directly in the mixed reality experience,
  • Spatial Group Session Create group sessions with trainer and learners on site or remotely,
  • Using generative Artificial Intelligence to render in-depth photos in which it is now possible to move around.

These innovations strengthen Uptale’s market offering and open up new opportunities for their customers. A true trailblazer, Uptale is constantly innovating to introduce new features and new ways of looking at training. Thanks to strong, long-term partnerships with Meta, Lenovo and Qualcomm, the startup is building tomorrow’s training courses with the biggest names.

Uptale concluded the keynote by announcing its new visual identity, marking a new era of maturity. The keynote was an inspiring experience, highlighting Uptale’s role in the virtual reality training indsutry, as well as its future opportunities for technological development and internationalization.

About Uptale

Uptale, created in 2017, is an innovative platform that enables teachers and trainers to create and share interactive 360° immersive experiences. Their mission is to make learning more engaging and accessible using VR technology.

The scale-up employs over 40 people and is self-financed.

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