Lenovo and Uptale

Increase Learning Experiences

Lenovo is actively participating in the large-scale deployment of Immersive Learning with its Lenovo Mirage VR S3 headset and its ThinkReality Mobile Device Management (MDM) platform for remote management of headsets. ThinkReality is a “VR for business” solution that integrates solutions like Uptale into headsets.


A major player in the deployment of VR headsets for schools and organizations

Enhanced learning experience with Lenovo Mirage VR S3

A lightweight, comfortable, ergonomic headset for corporate training and immersive projects for schools.

Large-scale deployment

Seamless integration between the Uptale Immersive Learning platform and the Lenovo ThinkReality platform simplifies headset management and provides more detailed analytics on usage.

Simplified Remote Management

The Lenovo ThinkReality platform simplifies remote management of VR headsets. Technicians save time by not having to travel to perform updates or troubleshoot issues.

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VR headsets deployed
in 6 different regions
“The partnership between Uptale and Lenovo is working really well. We intend to create learning experiences that provide an innovative modality for our employees to develop their skills even faster and more effectively. VR learning is dynamic in nature and the gamification provided by Uptale greatly enhances engagement. Everyone learns better by playing.”

Immersive virtual reality experiences
for effective training:

Saint-Gobain France, which makes a point of being at the forefront of professional training and career development, is enriching its digital training catalog by creating immersive experiences, delivered to employees via virtual reality (VR) headsets.
The company is deploying Lenovo’s Mirage VR S3 headsets while relying on Uptale’s technology to design and deliver its self-paced training courses.

saint gobain
Saint-Gobain réalité virtuelle

Create and deliver immersive experiences

Virtual reality completes the range of pedagogical means already implemented in the Group. Brendan Le Bihan, Training Project Manager at Saint-Gobain France, explains: "By combining different training methods, we raise the interest and commitment of participants. Virtual reality allows us to quickly deliver content on a variety of topics, taking advantage of the pedagogical benefits of immersive learning."

Saint-Gobain VR

Accelerating employee training with VR

"We have received very good feedback from learners. Virtual reality learning encourages participation and interaction with others," says Benjamin Croizet, Training Project Manager - Virtual Reality at SG France. "VR learning is dynamic by nature and the gamification provided by Uptale considerably promotes engagement. Everyone learns better by playing."

Simplifying the user experience and headset management

"Lenovo's Mirage is clearly a step forward in terms of quality and user experience," according to Brendan Le Bihan. "For the user, it's simpler, more ergonomic and smoother and, thanks to ThinkReality software, remote control of headsets is simplified.

Ithaca College: Smarter enhances learning with Virtual Reality

Exploring additional opportunities

around both augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), and how it could integrate those experiences with traditional learning.

Give the grounding to the teachers of the future

who will bring AR and VR into the education. 

Teach students how to use AR and VR effectively

as they believe it will become a necessity in the years to come.

The immersive learning journey

is punctuated by bi-weekly meetings to share feedback and arranged lectures from immersive learning experts to help the school and the students bring their visions to life. They created an experience were the viewer is transported into the courtroom of a novel, and one of the ideas is to create experiences to show children in New York  nature or the wilderness.

The experiences allow students to access situations that would otherwise not be open to them

Moreover, from the point where students put the headsets on, their energy changes and their engagement increases. The solution gives great power to the emotional impact of each and every situation. Other projects are on track, such as more creation by students.

Lenovo x Uptale :

News and Events

Lenovo and Uptale have joined forces to present their solutions and their partnership in various exhibitions in France and abroad. Together, we were able to meet a lot of actors and amateurs of the virtual world. We had strong and qualitative exchanges that we are delighted to repeat whenever we get the opportunity!





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