Enterprise Education


SMACL Assurances’ development inspectors have for mission to build and develop a network of relationships with local elected officials, decision-makers, in order to promote the support offer that meets their needs.

In addition to mastering the world of insurance, SMACL Assurances inspectors must also be able to adopt the appropriate posture when dealing with this type of strategic persona.

It’s a decisive factor that can sometimes be difficult to project, and it’s where a company’s image is at stake.


As an inspector, you have an appointment with the mayor of a 35,000 inhabitants town

From your arrival to the reception area, the waiting room and finally the conclusion, you have the opportunity to take position on how to approach each stage of the meeting.

Feedback is given as soon as you can improve your performance.


Launched in October, the module was successful with a satisfaction rate of over 95%.

The content, support and deployment mode (headset) allowed the project actors to project themselves and engage next steps.