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In the previous article, we talked about why we would like to improve our Voice Analysis feature and how it will help improve your soft skills training effectiveness, now it comes to the actual question, What exactly has Uptale developed?

I reckon you have guessed it correctly…. Tadaa !  An upgraded voice recognition feature, Voice Analysis + live feedback!


How does Voice Analysis work?

Below is a quick demo on what analytical data is available and how it can be applied to public speaking training:

How can voice analysis be used to develop soft skills?

You may be thinking, “Wow what a great feature! But my current training program does not involve any analysis of speech, how exactly I can apply it in my training?”. We got your back, here are some use cases for brainstorming!


Identification of areas of improvement

Our Voice Analysis provides powerful information to analyze and identify the strengths and weaknesses of the speaker within a speech. You can re-listen, analyze and provide personalized feedback anytime, supported by analytical data. This allows the speaker to learn from mistakes / reinforce the strengths with fresh information. Better self-reflection and understanding will be promoted thanks to personalized suggestions, hence better knowledge retention. The data can also be used in the next training sessions.

When you have a new product that is waiting to be launched, why not preparing, practicing and ameliorating the sales pitch of your team with VR?

This allows the perfect pitch with the right vocabularytone, and content to be delivered in a consistent and desirable way.  Not only your team will be confident in presenting the new product, but your company’s image will also be improved.


Work on your limits

Anyone has watched “The King’s Speech”? Remember how good Lionel Logue was as a speech therapist? With the help of AI and Voice Analysis, VR training can be your Lionel Logue. Speaking pacemean pause length and so on can be analyzed systematically. By re-listening to the speech and checking the word cloud, you can identify the word(s) that may trigger stuttering / being over-used and find an effective way to avoid it/ practice to pause before it.

VR public speaking training is beneficial not only for aiding stammers but for all of us. Practicing virtually allows learners to feel less stressful as there is no judgment. They can practice time after time in any immersive real-life situations. Combining Voice Analysis with eye tracking, you can have a very impactful speech analysis. Learners will learn not only how to use their voice and the selection of vocabulary, but also how to connect with the audience through eye contact improvement.

Self-confidence can be boosted, emotion will be generated thus memories and skill(s).


More effective communication

Anyone has ever experienced difficulties in communicating with developers?

Whether it is related to the technical language barrier, inefficient internal communication or unconscious bias, it is something we can fix, and it is not about developers, trust me.

On one hand, by setting rules for the virtual meeting training , such as restricting the usage of jargon, and reviewing the Flesch Kincaid score and the word cloud after it to evaluate the understandability of the speech and the percentage of technical words (you need data to support your argument when you speak to a developer). Your development team will be able to elucidate their technical ideas to non-tech collaborators.

On the other hand, lessons of effective communication (being precise, clear and decisive, oh and, how to ask questions in the right way, avoid overusing slang) can be designed for project managers and sales teams. With the help of AI and Voice Analysis, both sides will learn to communicate effectively.

More importantly, the skills they have learned, are not only for improving internal communication but also allow them to perform better in all kinds of conversation. Communication skills can be adapted to any position and situation, as soft skills are transferable skills.

Your actual ROI will be improved dramatically given that the positive effect on operating efficiency is for the long term.


Leadership building

We are not being cliché here, but we would like to share what John Maxwell has said:

“The single biggest way to impact an organization is to focus on leadership development. There is almost no limit to the potential of an organization that recruits good people, raises them up as leaders and continually develops them.”

Leadership including relationship building, motivation and engagement reinforcement, conflict resolution, and even public speaking, are not only important for a leader but equally for everyone. And all these, require good communication. By applying Voice Analysis and eye-tracking features in the VR training, together with our live feedback support, future leaders can see how different kinds of leadership and communication will be perceived and its impact.

You don’t learn to be a leader until you have become one, you will become a leader when you know how it should be.

VR training with voice analysis can be applied in plenty of other cases. For instance, job interview preparation, press conference, performance evaluation, and empathy training. Fancy to integrate this powerful stark feature in your VR training?

Discover the potential of voice analysis in Uptale

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