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Uptale is the Immersive Learning platform designed for businesses to create, share and track training modules in 360° and Virtual Reality.

Compatible with all devices and LMS

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Introducing a new way of learning

Enrich learning program with a solution that works

75 – 90% long-term information retention vs. 10-20% for traditional methods

Take learner engagement to the next level

5 times more engaging than any other learning solution.

Save (a lot of) time and money

5 times more engaging than any other learning solution.

Scale across business

Trusted by 100+ major brands and well-known international partners

What is Immersive Learning?

Best use cases for Immersive Learning


  • Practice an upcoming operation
  • Show patients what’s going on inside their bodies
  • Train employees on safety, compliance with regulations and behaviors in laboratories
  • Identify bad practices within a medical facility
  • Identify symptom and make a diagnosis
  • Learn how to treat patient and face complex human situations
cabinet de dentiste

Customer relationship

  • Teach sales teams how to greet customers at a point of sale
  • Train sales teams on dealing with all types of customers
  • Advising clients based on their needs
  • Ensure consistent customer experience throughout the buyer’s journey
Intérieur d'un magasin de lunettes avec un homme au centre


  • Train on safety rules
  • Prevent equipment damage and personal injury
  • Train for emergency scenarios
  • Reduce incidents
  • Make your employees adopt best practices
laboratoire de chimie


  • Train operators on production lines
  • Shorten development time
  • Improve performance across entire value chain
  • Correct missteps along the way with real time feedback
  • Transfer know-how easily
uptale VR training automotive


  • Share know-how between plants
  • Upskill on new machines
  • Facilitate newcomers’ onboarding
  • Train workers on identifying the proper tools required for a task
  • Reduce manufacturing costs
  • Crisis management training
Usine Immersive Learning


  • Boost sales by training on how to showcase new collections
  • Improving sales teams’ knowledge of the product
  • Avoid mistakes that can damage the brand image
  • Handling tough situations like massive crowds and long lines
  • Learning how to manage stocks
  • Training on cross-selling and up-selling
Retail Immersive Learning

HR services

  • Interview simulation
  • Test a candidate to assess their skills
  • Integrate new hires and make them feel welcome
  • Reinvent the candidate experience with pre-work simulations
Entrepôt de stockage


  • Experience different careers first-hand
  • Time travel to key events and places from the past
  • Develop empathy by stepping into someone else’s shoes
  • Explore places around the world without leaving the classroom
  • Raise awareness on safety rules within the school
  • Collaborative work sessions in the classroom
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How Uptale works



Transform your 360°/180° media into learning experiences.


Distribution solutions

Share and live experiences on any device, LMS, online or offline.


Authentication system

Meet the highest standard for security, privacy and authentication.


Data tracking dashboard

Get the most advanced data about your learners, even in your LMS.




Distribution solutions


Authentication system


Data tracking dashboard

Exclusive features of the solution

Icône Uptale


SSO, x-API, SCORM, LMS compatible, worldwide CDN.

Icône Uptale

Gamified hotspots

Stars, scores, feedback, conditional scenarios, invisible elements, 3D objet handling, voice recognition, etc.

Access for all & anywhere

Works on any device regardless of an existing internet connection:

Virtual reality headsets, web browsers, smartphones and tablets (Uptale Player App), offline server, classroom kit. All with data tracking.

Icône Uptale

One-click translation

Translate text & audios of your experiences in 1 click. +20 languages available

Icône Vision Uptale

Cognitive services in VR

Speech-to-text, voice recording, voice recognition.

Icône Uptale

Automated Storyboard

Design your experiences in few clicks and download your storyboard and brief documents.

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