Enterprise Education

3D objects: an asset for your training scenarios

Discover our 3D handling object feature! It lets you enrich your virtual reality training modules by adding animated, interactive 3D objects. Learners will be able to manipulate these objects to better understand how they work, and become even more immersed in the experience.

Interactive 3D objects enable learners to familiarize themselves with the materials and equipment they will use in their work, providing a more realistic learning experience.

  • A richer learning experience thanks to 3D objects, while remaining accessible and easy to use.
  • The quality of 3D objects is assured thanks to a wide range of supported formats and the possibility for companies to supply their own 3D models.
  • The handling of 3D objects is optimized so as not to make the experience too cumbersome, while retaining key functionalities.
  • 3D software such as Blender, which is free, enables companies to create their own 3D objects, making the functionality more affordable.

A few 3D Softwares: Blender, Cinema 4D, After Effects, Paint 3D, Sketchup, 3D STUDIO MAX