Enterprise Education


The LFB is a French biopharmaceutical laboratory who uses, in some maufacturing procedure, centrifuges that require technical skills. The average training for the assembly/disassembly of a centrifuge is several months, with approximately 18 trials. The group then found a way to optimise its training courses with Uptale.


Co-created in 5 days, this Immersive experience aims to replace some of the real tests into virtual tests. The module immerses the learner in a production area and confronts him/her with work situations to prepare him/her for the reality of the work field. This training designed to train new employees also allow them to validate the skills of current employees.


  • Aim to reduce the training time on practical training by 50%
  • More than 90% of testers have extremely enjoyed the experience
  • 80% would like more immersive experiences at LFB.
  • Two new experiences are currently being created. LFB wishes to create about ten experiences by the end of the year.