Learning Technologies for Humans

Icône Vision Uptale
Icône Vision Uptale

The AI age

With AI, robots and automation of jobs, 800 million individuals could be displaced need to find new jobs by 2030. Among them, up to 375 million people may need to switch occupational categories and learn new skills. (“Jobs lost, jobs gained: Workforce transitions in a time of automation”, Mckinsey study nov.2017)

Icône Vision Uptale

Learn in MR

Virtual Reality, and more broadly Mixed Reality, opens a new era in Learning: it enables people to learn in real-life situation, remotely, and enjoy it at the same time. We believe it is the most “human “way to acquire new hard and soft skills while reaching a large audience.

Icône Vision Uptale


MR is just the beginning. The rise of AI and neurosciences opens a new era in Learning and Education. Our mission is to give access to complex technologies to anyone who has a knowledge and want to share it.

What is
Immersive Learning ?

Simulated and controlled learning situations X Virtual Reality = Immersive Learning

Virtual Reality takes people to the most realistic learning situations without the constraints of reality : logistics, risks, real-time and little right to fail. Uptale’s approach combines real-life scenarios captured in 360°/ 180°/3D with a wide choice of interactive tags to transform immersive photos and videos into highly impactful learning experiences.


Real-life photos and videos in 360° or 180°  X Interactivity and gamification


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Main benefits of
Immersive Learning

Icône Vision Uptale

100% attention rate

3-7 min modules // 100% immersion

Icône Vision Uptale

Learning by doing

75-90% of knowledge retention VS 5-10% for traditional learning formats

Icône Vision Uptale


Gamification: 5 times more engaging than other media

Icône Vision Uptale


Creates intense memories


Feel safe, right to fail