Classroom Kit: Bring Immersive Learning to life for your learners!

News at Uptale! In order to support learning experts, we are launching a new system called “Classroom Kit“. Coupled with our new Uptale Classroom app, this tool will allow you to complete your classroom training with Immersive Learning sessions to enrich your training paths and make them even more effective. Group training, offline use, data tracking… We’ll explain in this article what our new Classroom Kit is and what it can bring to your organization.

Uptale Classroom Kit & Creator Kit : an all-in-one kit to start with Immersive Learning

The Classroom Kit is a new system dedicated to supporting organizations in the training of their employees. More concretely, it is a table with an innovative design transformed into a secure storage unit, making it easy to store and carry everything you need to build and live interactive experiences in Virtual Reality.

Our Classroom Kit is an ideal solution for quick starter. In addition to the storage unit, each kit contains the following:
– 1 Classroom Tablet (Uptale Classroom app available on Android that synchronizes experiences on the tablet and makes them available to several headsets), installed and configured on behalf of the customer.
– 1 Wifi router, installed and configured
– 6 Virtual Reality headsets, also installed and configured on behalf of the customer and for the Classroom App. It is possible to recharge the equipment within the unit.

In addition, if you choose the Creator Kit, the package comes with the 360 camera Ricoh Theta V + tripod.


With the Classroom Kit, each learning expert will be able to simultaneously share experiences with several learners so that they can each live their own interactive experience. At last, the trainer is in charge of the training they wish to provide to their learners because they are the one who disseminates the experiences in the headsets from the Classroom App installed on the tablet, before following in detail the path of their learners. Also, the Classroom App allows you to preload your experiences and share them with your learners by simply accessing the local URL. If you are in a location without wifi or with limited bandwidth, your learners will be able to take advantage of the app’s strong online and offline capabilities to access experiences preloaded into the local system. All feedback from the experience, including learners’ actions and responses, will be sent in real time: the learning expert can therefore check all this information instantly from their tablet.

To summarize in a few words, the Classroom App is:
– An app that runs on Android for the moment, the iOS version is under development ?
– A quick and easy installation: you download, connect, and that’s it.
– Online and offline use: data can be stored and synchronized during the online connection, ideal for group training.
– Immediate real-time reports in both online and offline mode, making it easier to track progress.

When to use the Classroom Kit?

The Classroom Kit can be used in many ways. For example, it can be made available to your learners at events, conferences or trade shows, but also during face-to-face training sessions or to validate skills acquisition. Let’s imagine the following three cases:

During face-to-face training sessions where all learners are connected at the same time and the data arrives in real time:

Do you need to train several people at the same time within your company? No problem! Take your Classroom Kit with you to your training room and give the VR headsets it contains to your learners. They will each be able to live their experience at 360° while you have a look at all the data coming out of the experience in real time to give constructive and personalized feedback to each of them. No wifi connection required thanks to the app’s offline capabilities described above. A very effective way to train your teams while creating a good group cohesion.

During events: 

Let’s say you want to recruit new employees in your team and go to a recruitment fair. At everyone’s disposal on your stand, your Classroom Kit is the ideal tool to bring as close as possible to what life is like in your organization. Your potential candidates will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the profession of technician, sales rep… It will also be an opportunity for you to get a first glimpse of the knowledge and skills of the guests visiting your stand.

As a means of having access at any time to VR headsets in order to be trained within your company/plant:  

Once the recruitment phase is over, your Classroom Kit will be very useful in case of onboarding new employees. With the help of Virtual Reality, they will be able to make their mark on the company very quickly. They will be able to visit the headquarters or production plants to be in contact with teams they will not be in touch with on a daily basis. They will also be able to discover the department in which they will work, attend a team presentation and hear the president’s message. All this thanks to a learning corner made available to all.

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