2 incredible features to add audio instructions and voiceovers to your 360°/VR interactive experiences

Create audio instructions, voice overs and many more in 28 languages!

Voices-over are a very important piece of most Virtual Reality experiences. They guide the user throughout the experience, they explain the environment, and are even part of user interactions. To reach perfection, content creators must be able to iterate quickly, prototype, fine-tune voices…

We provide 2 powerful features in Uptale Studio that empower creators to faster build better VR experiences with voice-overs.

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Text-to-speech available in 28 languages, and more than 60 different voices

You may want to add a voice-over to some 360-degree scene, want to see what it looks like, but are still not sure about what the exact final script will be. Not the right time to go to a professional recording studio.

Text-to-speech button

With Uptale Studio’s text-to-speech feature, you can generate a voice from text directly in the media manager, in one click, and in 28 languages:

Arabic – Catalan – Czech – Danish – German – Greek – Spanish – Finnish – French – Hebrew – Hindi – Indonesian – Hungarian – Italian – Japanese – Korean – Norwegian – Dutch – Polish – Portuguese – Romanian – Russian – Slovak – Swedish – Thai – Turkish – Chinese – Cantonese

Adding a text-to-speech is as easy as this

For each of these languages, several variations could be available. For example, you might need a Portuguese female voice with a Brazilian accent. With all these types of combinations, more than 60 different voices are available.

Voice recording

If you need to create a specific audio that can’t be crafted easily using our text-to-speech feature, but that you still want to iterate on, you can just record it yourself.

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Voice recording button

With Uptale Studio, you don’t need to install a voice recording software anymore, just click on the Microphone icon, and start singing, talking, laughing, or whatever pleases you , directly through your web browser. Right after that, the recorded audio will be added to your media library and ready to use in your VR experience.

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