Uptale, pioneer of VR for training, supports more than 75% of the CAC40 index

Uptale becomes a major player in virtual reality (VR) applied to training and education, taking the next step by supporting more than 75% of CAC40 companies. At VivaTech, Uptale’s solution was presented by 4 major groups. The fast-growing scale-up is constantly innovating to meet the specific training needs of French manufacturers. Time savings and immersion […]

Uptale adopts venture debt to accelerate its growth

Meeting room VR

Uptale, a leading Virtual Reality platform for training has decided to adopt venture debt to support its growth in France and abroad, in partnership with the venture capital fund Inveready. This innovative approach underlines Uptale’s commitment to accelerate the adoption of immersive learning on a large scale with more than 200 clients (companies and universities) already […]

Catalog Uptale : How to improve your safety training with customizable VR templates

Formation en VR sur les risques des chutes en hauteur, issu du catalogue Uptale

Frontline workers are exposed to a variety of safety hazards on a daily basis. Therefore, it is essential to foster a strong workplace safety culture by training employees about the risks. However, traditional training may not be sufficient to achieve promote effective awareness. This is where Immersive Learning steps in to enhance current training. This method […]

Immersive Learning and Moodle: finally compatible!

mode uptale

Now that remote learning has become the norm for schools and universities, the use of LMSs and digital learning solutions is exploding. One of the key players in this revolution is Moodle. Moodle is a leader in the world of Learning Management Systems. It is the most widespread and used platform among schools, thanks to […]

How Virtual Reality Can Help Businesses Emerge Stronger From the Covid-19 Crisis


Over the past few months, our organizations have to reinvent themselves. Confinement and social precaution have brought instant changes to the way we work and interact.  While the need for technologies which facilitate remote working has clearly increased, training needs have also urgently emerged. But this dynamic is about more than remote working, it’s about […]

Interview PSA Groupe: Deploy Immersive Learning at scale

Experience VR Stellantis - Uptale

You hear more and more about Immersive Learning and Virtual Reality training and you are curious to exchange with those who have already stepped through? Discover during a professional breakfast on Friday 28 February at STATION F advice and feedback from industry leaders Alstom and PSA Group: why did they choose Immersive Learning to enrich […]

How VR helps increase the ROI of soft skills training

homme dans une pièce exemple de formation

Soft skills are people skills They are personal attributes that allow one to interact and communicate effectively. Unlike hard (technical) skills, they are not simply the knowledge that you can apply to a specific situation once you master them. They are your behaviors and personality traits you exhibit in different circumstances.  We all know that […]

How Voice Analysis helps in soft skills development

Homme de dos qui parle au micro devant une foule

In the previous article, we talked about why we would like to improve our Voice Analysis feature and how it will help improve your soft skills training effectiveness, now it comes to the actual question, What exactly has Uptale developed? I reckon you have guessed it correctly…. Tadaa !  An upgraded voice recognition feature, Voice […]

Why is Voice Analysis impactful for your VR training ?

Amphithéâtre avec plusieurs personnes assis à différentes table

You may not be aware of it (com’on dude) but we, Uptale, are consistently working on improving our platform and our features to enhance the effectiveness of learners in absorbing knowledge and interacting in a VR training. Thanks to The Little Mermaid, we understand how important and impactful a human voice is. When talking about voice […]

Handle 3D objects in VR like Tony Stark (Iron Man)

Homme avec un casque de réalité virtuelle

Are you the one beefing with the lack of actual interaction within VR training? High five in the air, we are on your side. While we try our best to re-create you the environment that is closest to the actual real-world using 360° videos and photos, we see the limitation of visual depth cues in […]

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