How to effectively manage your VR headsets in training? Device Management presentation with Sébastien Leang, Co-Founder and CTO of Uptale.

Immersive Learning brings a breath of fresh air to professional training by providing an innovative and interactive learning experience through virtual reality.
However, to achieve a real impact on learners, it is essential to manage the deployment of VR training, especially for on-site training. Companies face challenges such as managing their fleet of VR headsets, maintaining the devices, and ensuring a smooth user experience for learners.
That’s why Uptale’s teams have developed a new “Device Management” feature to efficiently manage its devices and simplify the deployment of on-site training.
In this article, Sébastien Leang, Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer of Uptale, presents this feature and its role in improving training.

Hello Sébastien, can you introduce yourself?

Hi, I’m Sebastien Leang. I co-founded Uptale in 2017 after a pivotal experience at Microsoft that sparked my passion for immersive technologies and the Cloud. These technologies were just waiting to be applied to training to deliver their full value in this field.As CTO, I am responsible for the development of our product to offer you more and more innovations that contribute to the success of your deployments.

Photo de Sebastien Leang, Co-Founder & CTO d'Uptale, sur un cercle bleu clair uni

Speaking of Uptale, what is it?

Uptale is a complete immersive learning platform designed for companies to create and deliver immersive 360° Virtual Reality field learning modules.

The platform offers the possibility to add interactive elements to gamify the training and make it more engaging. Moreover, Uptale also provides data dashboards. The objective is to effectively measure the use and impact of the deployment of these immersive modules.

Can you tell us more about the new "Device Management" feature?

The deployment of immersive virtual reality modules in companies does not end at the creation and access of the content.

Indeed, to make a real effective and sustainable transformation within the company, it is important to consider the physical aspect of VR headsets within the different company sites. In addition, it is also essential to have an efficient and precise management.

And that’s exactly what our new Device Management feature solves.

With this feature, you can register your VR headsets on the Uptale platform to simplify their use and management. In particular, you can assign a name to each headset, group them by location, manage the content on each of them and their respective access rights. Additional information, such as the battery level of each headset, will also be available on the platform.

The goal of Device Management is to simplify the management of VR headsets and their initialization for each use case.

What are the next steps with Device Management?

The possibilities don’t stop there. On the contrary, headset management, combined with the power of Uptale, opens the door to many innovations.

On the one hand, we are currently working on headset identification within the platform to help trainers better manage their VR training sessions. It will soon be possible to easily launch an experience on a VR headset remotely, without needing to touch it.

On the other hand, the trainer will also have access to the visual content present in the learner’s headset in real time. Thus, this feature will allow trainers to accompany and help learners during their VR sessions. 

This is just the beginning! Many other features, leveraging this new capability, are coming to you soon!


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