Uptale’s LMS integration for an optimized VR deployment


What if we told you that you can create Virtual Reality content and publish it inside your training programs, just like any other learning resource? This is possible by integrating Uptale into your LMS!   The LMS, or “Learning Management System”, is the software on which you will find all your training programs that manage […]

Uptale Tips #1 : How to run a collective VR training with Oculus casting option

To better support you in achieving your training and business goals, Uptale would like to provide you some sidekick tricks that may fit your needs 🙂   With the casting and live streaming options in Oculus headsets, you can now live in the training of your colleagues without blind-guessing what they are wowing at 😯 […]

Handle 3D objects in VR like Tony Stark (Iron Man)

Homme avec un casque de réalité virtuelle

Are you the one beefing with the lack of actual interaction within VR training? High five in the air, we are on your side. While we try our best to re-create you the environment that is closest to the actual real-world using 360° videos and photos, we see the limitation of visual depth cues in […]

Infographic: Our selection of equipment for Immersive Learning

In recent years, virtual reality has become more democratic, especially thanks to video games. The professional use of this technology has largely gone beyond the sphere of gaming to join the world of business. The use of Virtual Reality in the service of vocational training is a powerful example. In fact, Immersive Learning makes it […]