Accelerating the adoption of immersive technologies in business: assessment and prospects

Innovation is a major focus in the 21st century, especially when it comes to digital, virtual and immersive technologies. Three years ago, companies had to face a new economic climate and the emergence of new challenges. These organizations and educational institutions have since adapted and found in immersive technologies a solution to meet the new challenges. There’s no need […]

Fnac Darty Group trains its in-store salespeople with Immersive Learning

Immersive learning Fnac Darty

Since the end of 2018, Fnac Darty Group has been training its salesforce through immersive training programs based on Virtual Reality. By using Uptale’s solution, Fnac Darty innovates and improves performance while saving money. Virtual Reality: an innovative experience allowing teleportation When discovering Virtual Reality, the Digital Training department manager at Fnac Darty, Romain Audic, […]

How VR helps increase the ROI of soft skills training

homme dans une pièce exemple de formation

Soft skills are people skills They are personal attributes that allow one to interact and communicate effectively. Unlike hard (technical) skills, they are not simply the knowledge that you can apply to a specific situation once you master them. They are your behaviors and personality traits you exhibit in different circumstances.  We all know that […]

How Voice Analysis helps in soft skills development

Homme de dos qui parle au micro devant une foule

In the previous article, we talked about why we would like to improve our Voice Analysis feature and how it will help improve your soft skills training effectiveness, now it comes to the actual question, What exactly has Uptale developed? I reckon you have guessed it correctly…. Tadaa !  An upgraded voice recognition feature, Voice […]

Why is Voice Analysis impactful for your VR training ?

Amphithéâtre avec plusieurs personnes assis à différentes table

You may not be aware of it (com’on dude) but we, Uptale, are consistently working on improving our platform and our features to enhance the effectiveness of learners in absorbing knowledge and interacting in a VR training. Thanks to The Little Mermaid, we understand how important and impactful a human voice is. When talking about voice […]

Field trips are the best for your company. Scale them with Virtual Reality!

Field trips, also named after “Learning Expeditions” (LEX) in the corporate world are “journeys by a group of people to a place away from their normal environment” They are mainly organized to observe places, practices, culture, organizations or people in their natural environments. They aim at breaking the usual routine by immersing people out of […]