Interview: Delfingen chooses Immersive Learning for its onboarding

Welcoming new employees when you are a group located in every corner of the world is a real challenge. Onboarding is a strategic issue because the time it takes an employee to become operational can be a significant cost when on the scale of several hundred employees. Immersive Learning has repeatedly proven its effectiveness. We asked Ludivine Gazeau, Content Manager at Delfingen, to share her experience with Uptale.

Delfingen and Immersive Learning

Delfingen is an automotive supplier located all over the world. This company manufactures protective and fastening sleeves for automotive and fluid transfer. Delfingen became aware of the Uptale solution in early 2018. After a study of their needs and a demo, they launched their first experiment at the end of the spring.

Transcript of the interview (below)

Q: What is the mission of the Delfingen Academy?

Ludivine: it is mainly the transfer of knowledge within the company and then the increase in skills of our teams.

Q: What are your training issues?

Ludivine: we have a lot of training materials scattered all over the group. The goal for this year was to collect all this information and then standardize the way we train our teams, especially in production and maintenance within Delfingen.

Q: For what educational use did you use Immersive Learning?

Ludivine: For the moment, this consists of a virtual visit of a part of our site in Anteuil. So the purpose of this video is mainly onboarding, to make sure that people joining us have a vision of the site.

Q: How did you use the Uptale platform?

Ludivine: It went very quickly because, for lack of time, I had only one call with a person from Uptale. For 20min, he briefed me on the use of the tool. And then, for the record, I went on leave and so for 15d / 3 weeks I did not handle it at all. On my return, with my few notes, I really dived on the solution. And quickly enough, I managed to create a first experience, really easily.

Q: What do you have planned for the future?

Ludivine: To go further with all these innovative tools and, with Uptale, we plan to develop an interface that allows us to train our maintenance personnel and work with 3D images on, for example, how an extruder works, what maintenance operations can be done. So it will be an even more immersive experience with headphones and controllers, which will allow us to interact with the 3D objects that the person will see suddenly.

You have understood this with this quick interview, Delfingen is at the beginning of its process and many other stages await them. Thanks to the autonomy offered by the Uptale platform, training projects are no longer subject to subcontracting constraints, particularly on deadlines. The choice of Immersive Learning for onboarding allows companies which have a large flow of new employees, to save time. Virtual reality makes it possible to go further in the transmission of knowledge. For example, giving access to site visits in other countries, which would be a dizzying cost if it had to be done in the real world.

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