DS Smith turns to Virtual Reality to propel manufacturing training into the future


After a successful trial in Nantes, DS Smith is set to expand use of the immersive training technology in its production sites. DS Smith, a leading supplier of sustainable packaging solutions, has turned to Virtual Reality and 360° photography / video to enrich its manufacturing training program. The new immersive learning solution, Uptale, has been […]

Upskilling Supply Chain with Virtual Reality: 4 use cases

supply chain logistique réalité virtuelle

Supply Chain is one of the most challenging sector: high-risk environments, deadline pressure, cost compliance, lots of processes, intensive periods or high recruitment… Today, there is a real need for agility in supply chain in order to train faster and more efficiently. Virtual Reality has proven that it meets these challenges thanks to a new […]

VR for the Automotive Industry: PSA use cases & benefits

Immersive Learning is nothing but the name of a proper revolution to be reckoned with. Based on the most powerful levers for efficient and engaging learning, now strongly evidenced by scientific research, Immersive Learning is paving the way for a great deal of value creation at organizations that have seized the related opportunities. The PSA […]

Interview: Delfingen chooses Immersive Learning for its onboarding

Delfingen choisit l'Immersive Learning pour l'onboarding de ses nouveaux arrivants

Welcoming new employees when you are a group located in every corner of the world is a real challenge. Onboarding is a strategic issue because the time it takes an employee to become operational can be a significant cost when on the scale of several hundred employees. Immersive Learning has repeatedly proven its effectiveness. We […]