Immersive Learning in Oil, Gaz and Alternative Energy Industries

They use Virtual Reality to upskill workforce at scale

Discover how Immersive Learning is transforming the Oil, Gas and Alternative Energy industries, on various topics and for both soft and technical skills from our clients’ use cases:


See how Total, Enedis, Suez, Eau de Paris or Air Liquide train their employees at scale with the Immersive Learning solution, Uptale and which results they get from it.

Operators integration on an oil tanker

Training to lead customer relationship briefs and debriefs

Onboarding and security training of new employees

Safety awareness exercices in production area

Benefits of Immersive Learning

Immersive Learning with Uptale allows anybody to digitize environments and know-how in the form of 360° immersive and interactive experiences, without any technical background. Employees teleport themselves on the field and can now train in real situations without constraints and risks, anytime, anywhere.

Several studies demonstrate us that VR Training is the most efficient way for an organization to adapt quickly and react at the required speed and scale without any physical constraint and risk.



100% of attention

thanks to immersion


75 – 90% long-term
information retention
vs. 10-20% for traditional methods


Practical application
“on the job”


5 times more engaging than any other learning solution.

Clients use cases and KPIs

Discover what our clients have achieved with Uptale platform by creating, in full autonomy, their own 360° and Virtual Reality training modules,
in just a few days and without any prior technical knowledge.

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Be ready before boarding

New operators can now board on a Total tanker before going to the real one. They discover through animations, videos and games, the shipping industry environment governed by strict HSE rules. Watch the video demo! (in French)


The required time for the integration of operators on an oil tanker has been divided by 3.


The objective of this 360° interactive experience is to familiarize newcomers with the shipping industry environment and all the many HSE rules, so that they are ready even before boarding.


From the bridge to the engine room, passing by the gangway, manifolds and even cargo tanks, the visit allows us to go to all strategic places on the ship and discover its main equipment. The learner navigates on the ship through an interactive journey that provides essential information.


  • A realistic 360° experience, extremely enriched.
  • A diffusion to collaborators on all devices: computers (web browser), tablets, smartphones and of course Virtual Reality headsets.
  • Gain of time: the time needed to integrate operators on an oil tanker has been divided by 3.


enedis Briefer et débriefer son équipe sur la relation client

Training to lead customer relationship brief and debriefs


This VR soft skills training is designed for Enedis local managers. The aim is to put them in a team briefing and debriefing situation. Questions are asked about customer relationship and the manager must convert them into engaging and instructive speeches.



10x more employees trained to debriefing.


Increase customer satisfaction by training managers to lead customer relationship briefs/debriefs that will upskill technicians’ soft skills competences.


The manager must deal with various situations and make the best decisions to meet the needs of their teams. Detailed questions are asked about the topics to be covered and the right things to say to motivate and upskill the technicians.


  • 10x more collaborators sensitized to debriefing and more than 1.000 training sessions conducted during the test period
  • Change of behaviors from technicians on the field
  • Better client satisfaction and loyalty

Onboarding and security training for new employees


Discover how Air Liquide uses Immersive Learning to optimize their integration sessions. New recruits are immersed in more or less risky conditional scenarios and must interact in this environment in compliance with safety rules.



Each week a dozen of new employees are onboarded by this new integration method.




Air Liquide desired a co-created pilot experience that would launch the company onto the rails of Immersive Learning. The main objective was to create an experience for onboarding sessions that would improve the newcomers’ knowledge on various indoors and outdoors security rules of Air Liquide’s site.


This pilot aimed to explore various types of security measures. The new recruits experience more or less risky conditional scenarios in parking lots and around industrial vehicles. At some point they also have to identify various risks within office spaces. Finally they are tested on signage and laboratories PPE.


Every month, Air Liquide France trains a dozen newcomers with their immersive learning experience. It became part of their onboarding program and was greatly welcomed for its entertaining approach. Air Liquide certifies it fits perfectly with their training program improvement. Moreover, they keep imagining new applications everyday!

Safety awareness exercices
in production area


This VR module make us live a typical day in the life of an employee operating in a manufacturing plant. We encounters various risk situations where we must apply instructions to ensure our safety. Discover the Immersive Training making-of.



  • 98% of the learners have a really positive opinion of the module
  • 92% learners found the module really useful for learning 


Eau de Paris, french state-owned company in charge of water distribution, wanted to raise its employees’ awareness about safety rules in transport infrastructures production facilities thanks to an Immersive Training module.


Co-created in 5 days, the experience traces the typical day of an employee operating in the production area. Immersed in the workshop environement, learners meet different risky situations where they must follow instructions to ensure safety.


Launched mid-December 2019, the training module is currently in deployment phase. A special attention is paid to the results generated, as centered on the safety and not on the specific technicalities / profession, the training is followed by all the collaborators as a first experiment of the Immersive Learning for Eau de Paris.

  • 98% of the learners have a really positive opinion of the module
  • 92% of the learners found the module really useful for learning 

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