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How VR facilitates regulatory compliance in the industrial sector

With the participation of ATR (aircraft)

Training employees after a long leave

Intervenants : Camille Pebe, Safety officer and project manager

Géraldine Capra, Prevention & Safety Manager

ATR was looking for an innovative way to provide their safety regulatory training. Indeed, after a certain period of absence, employees must undergo training in order to return to their jobs. They need to review essential practices such as chemical hazards, working at heights, explosive atmospheres, electrical hazards and many others.

The aim of this VR module is to introduce all the areas of risk. They managed to divide the training time by 3, and use the VR modality in order to give an immersive and playful dimension, that allows a better understanding of the risks.


  • Time saved: 30 minutes of training compared to 1h30
  • Immersion and interaction increases learner understanding and retention
  • A dynamic and innovative way of training

« Indeed, you really see the risks, you participate. So it’s really more inclusive. A learning fostered by immersion is a huge time saver for us and for the people involved. »


Camille Pebe
Safety officer and project manager
Géraldine Capra
Prevention & Safety Manager
training time
for trainers and trainees*.

From 1:30h to 30 minutes

Ten minutes of training and explanation before and ten minutes after the VR session
completes the immersive module while ensuring that key concepts are understood.


"We prioritize headsets because yes, it's much more immersive and convenient for everyone."


Immersion allows you to live the experience, to be confronted with situations in the field and this allows a much higher retention.


The VR training considerably reduces the training time and makes it easier to take over the job by having the trainee practice beforehand.

Q&A session

« How many people were involved in creating this experience?
Do we have any idea how many cumulative hours it took? »
webinar attendee
« Two people at Uptale and two people at ATR. It took a few days for everything: one day for the shooting and three days for the editing, two days of back and forth to take into account the feedback from ATR. »
Pierre Ewerhard
« We had two storyboarding sessions of 2 or 3 hours, and a few days to review each other. So about a week for an experience. »
Camille Pebe
« How is the interaction between trainers and learners, trainers and trainees managed in this type of digital training?
What exchanges do you have after the training? »
webinar attendee
« We first explain how to use the headset and the controllers, and then we do a short introduction before moving onto the VR training. The training lasts for thirty minutes and we can't say everything in ten minutes. We complete it with a presentation before and after. Then we check in with the learner to see if they understood everything and if they enjoyed the experience. »
Camille Pebe

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